Investor Visa

Investor visa allows you to invest in an overseas country where you can settle permanently. The minimum amount varies from country to country. Some of the visas that we offer at GWS are UK Tier 1 Investor Visa, Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme, New Zealand Investor Visa, UAE Investor Visa, Malaysia Investor Visa etc. Visas are issued to Businessmen and self employed people who have sufficient funds.


Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa is granted to non-EU/EEA migrants (European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA)) who want to invest in the UK by establishing or acquiring a business or being actively involved in operating a business in the UK.

After the visa holders successfully operate in the UK for five years, they along with their families can apply to settle in the UK.



Visa programs under Subclass 189/190/489 are for skilled workers intending to migrate to Australia. While Subclass 189 is a skilled independent – permanent visa, Subclass 190 is a skilled nominated – permanent visa and subclass 489 is a skilled regional – provisional visa.

A visa subclass has to be chosen based on the skills, requirements, and eligibility of the applicant. It is necessary for applicants to qualify for the points-based test. The points for these subclasses are calculated on various factors such as English language proficiency, age, educational qualifications, etc.



Ireland’s Start-up Entrepreneur Visa to Ireland is an opportunity for business people or entrepreneurs to establish a company in this European country. Since it is an EU member state, its visa holders are allowed to travel freely to the other 25 countries in the Schengen zone.

Entrepreneurs are required to invest a minimum of €50,000.Moreover, Ireland has no job creation targets for these visa holders in their initial stages.


Start-up Visa Scheme is the best option to apply for Denmark visa, as it allows talented entrepreneurs to relocate and develop start-ups with potential in Denmark.

An entrepreneur with an innovative business idea, which can contribute to the growth and new employment in Denmark, is granted a residence and work permit in order to operate an independent company.



The British Columbia Nominee Program and Manitoba Investor Program for Business allows to recruit and nominate qualified business people from around the world, who intend to and have the ability to move to BC and Manitoba to establish, acquire a business or become partners in an existing business.

Many immigrants to Canada are choosing to settle in British Columbia and Manitoba, thanks to its good quality of life, low cost of living and friendly communities.



The Estonian Startup Visa is a fast and efficient way for non-EU startup founders who wish to come and be a part of one of the smallest but energetic startup communities in Europe as a founder.Estonia is one of the most dynamic countries among the new member states of the European Union.

It is well-known both for its innovative drive and cozy living environment. It boasts a long tradition of providing quality education.


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