Global Work Study provides reliable and value-added education consultancy services to students who wish to pursue higher education in foreign institutions. We give complete admission services to a wide range of universities around the globe. Our main objective is to provide quality and multifaceted consultancy in education, training, employment, migration and permanent residency.
Our counseling team have been well trained and are constantly updated on the latest programs and new work and/or study visa regulations. We regularly visit our partnered institutions, companies, health sectors and CIT sectors at home and abroad to get more information and to get to know about more requirements.
Our application mentoring services are available for universities and firms in all continents across the globe. Through our partnership with various universities and companies, GWS has made the search, even more, easier by working directly with the top ranking institutions and firms that offer both the best academic programs and the safe working environment respectively.

GWS has achieved a strong reputation within the education, employment and migration segments allowing it to recruit applicants from a variety of institutions, academics, and background. Thus it has made its mark within the consultancy sector, attracting clients that increased in number bringing about diversity and higher quality through successive years.

Our Mission Statement:
“We are a provider of International Education, Employment and Migration counseling and support services. We facilitate with the recruitment, offer, admission, acceptance, appointment and visa processing for dynamic and ambitious applications so they may attain an International work experience and qualification from our reputed and recognized International partner.”

Our Vision:
GWS strongly believes in absorbing the maximum potential from students and applicants, providing them a platform on which they can achieve enrichment and future intellectual enhancement.

Our Motto:
“We Inform, Connect and Support Global Graduates.”


In fine, GWS provides its clients a solid foundation to which they can build their future success on.