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12-step process

01. Education Counseling & Expert Evulation:
When you are planning your education pathway it can be very stressful, time-consuming and utterly confusing. This looks even more difficult when you are considering international education. GWS guides you and your family in choosing the right course that leads you to the right career path. We provide free counseling, visa assistance, interview preparation, pre flight departure counselling and other services to assure that you become a successful global graduate. After evaluating your academic background, reviewing your extra-curricular and work experiences, and your English proficiency, we work out strategies to ensure that the application you submit ultimately provides you the maximum chance of success.
02: Choosing a country :
Choosing a country to study is the initial step to become a global graduate. Our counsellors at GWS provide you information on the demography, climate, people, culture, lifestyle and education systems of different nations across the globe. Counsellors take into account your intention to invest on education, scholarship opportunities,visa availability.Other preferences are also taken into considered in understanding your selective needs in choosing specific university abroad. Our counsellors at GWS will counsel you in person and send you all the relevant information via your e-mail.
03. Selection of Course :
Our counsellors have updated lists of courses offered by different education institutions around the world. We will work with you to customize a course selection that will give you the best possible academic and career outcome in the future. You can get a list of universities from our website portal or from our office in person or at the time you are receiving free education counselling from our counselors.
04. Admission Guidance :
Different Institutions may have different sets of admission criteria which actually confuses the student. We keep up-to-date with the changing norms and criteria of the universities to provide the best chances of getting your application accepted.Our high acceptance rate has made GWS, a leading education consultant.
05. Financial Estimation :
Our highly experienced financial advisors calculate for you an anticipated cost of study, living and staying expenses along with fee structure of the universities you wish to apply to. Our advisors consider your interest to invest in education when providing country, university and course options. You can also get details on scholarship opportunities and assistance for financing your education.
06. Safety :
GWS is associated with those education Institutions worldwide which are established in world’s safest countries to study, proclaimed by UNESCO.These are Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, Ireland, Malaysia and many others. Safe environment during study helps you to continue a stress-free education while enjoying the foreign life. So your family will not be worried any more while you are thousands of miles away.
07. Career Abroad :
Our career counsellors guide you about the career opportunities you can acquire after completing your course abroad. You can also compile information during your study and can stay away from fake promises of providing you employment abroad by many fraudulent agents around the world. These jobs will actually lend you into working for unscrupulous employers for long period without pay against the local law. Our expert career counsellors advises you of all opportunities to work during and after the study.
08. Visa Assistance :
Due to different security threat levels across the globe, most of the countries are changing their Visa regulations constantly. If you are unaware of these provisions then you may receive a visa refusal instantly. Our team of ex-visa officials possess immense experience of working with embassies across the globe and have thorough knowledge of all the updated rules and regulations of every study abroad destination. High visa success rate is also considered as our Unique Selling Point, which makes GWS, a trusted education consultant by the embassies and the high commissions around the world. Our reputation is helping our students with their Visa approval for their dream study destination.
09. Accommodation Guidance :
Choosing the form of accommodation abroad can be a very challenging task, especially when you want to stay in a quality but affordable accommodation and the budget to spend on accommodation is limited. Each country offers innumerable options that will support your finances. However, choosing the accommodation that also factors in the best access to transport and job location is essential as this can greatly affect your spending quota by as much as 20%. Surprisingly, these savings can be proved as a ‘mini scholarship’. Our accommodation advisors furnish you with sufficient information about the suitable accommodation and also help you by giving senior contacts which were sent in previous intakes by GWS to study abroad.
10. Travel Guidance :
Due to huge fluctuation in the airfare because of the invasive competition between aircraft carriers in the global market these days, flying in a suitable airline is a point not to ignore. Due to high variations in the air fare, choosing the correct airline for travelling saves a lot of your study abroad cost. Even using the convenient and affordable local transport while studying in the host country will lower down your cost of travelling.This adds more savings when investing in education.Travel advisors at GWS dispense you with comprehensive travel information to accomplish your study abroad mission.
11. Medical & Health Insurance :
Due to most of the western countries’ Immigration Department requirements that students must have health insurance in place while studying in that country,GWS, therefore, has arrangements with different medical insurance brokers to get health insurance in reasonable price.
12. Learners Protection :
We offer Learner Protection which gives peace of mind in terms of students course fee security and guaranteed course sustainability.

We hope these 12-step process will help you make up your mind to choose GWS to support your dreams of a bright future.Register with us to get free education counselling from our expert counsellor.