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An applicant and all his/her family members (spouse and minor children) can get Permanent Residence in Bulgaria. A Permanent Residence gives a person the same rights as a Bulgarian citizen, except for the certain type of voting rights. We would like to remind you that normally without investment a foreigner can obtain a temporary residence permit in Bulgaria, renew it annually, and only after five years of residence you are entitled to apply for permanent residency. Five years after maintaining the temporary residency, you are entitled to apply for Bulgarian Citizenship.

The application process is relatively fast and quick (from five to six months) and opens the window of opportunity to become resident of the European Union. Easy access to EU countries, as no visa required. Holding a residence visa also enable the applicants to enter and leave the country as many times as they wish without visas. A free education and medical system throughout EU. No physical residence required for the main applicant and dependants. Physical residency is waived for qualified applicant. A government guaranteed investment is also available if you also want to invest there. Loan options for investment are also available for you. Lowest taxation in EU and a special exemption for immigration.

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