Study in Germany & Visa Information

18 Aug

If you are planning to pursue your education in Germany; it is important to have practical advice and significant insights about studying there. Germany is referred to as the “land of poet and thinkers” is one of the most advanced economies in the world with a great system of education.
It is essential to understand “why study in Germany?” The answer is simple! German students from different disciplines are in great demand all over the globe. Education in Germany gives you a better opportunity to get a job in an international company around the world.

No Tuition Fees
The German government has decided to eliminate tuition fees in all public universities in the country.The country strongly believes that education is for everyone. Also, there are numerous possibilities to get help from the government, in the form of student loans (Bafög-money).The country provides full financial support through various scholarships programs. These scholarships allow foreign students to study in Germany for free.Our German trained counselors will guide you with a list of the best universities in Germany suited for you. We represent language schools to help you learn the language and progress into a number of universities.

High Quality of Academic Degrees

Germany has different kinds of universities and they all offer excellent quality. The major concern, however, is to choose from so many options and that is not an easy task. Finding the right university in Germany with a good network across the globe is truly essential.There are over 380 legitimately recognized universities in Germany, offering over 15,000 study programs.Some programs offered – Communication Psychology, Healthcare Management, Tourism Management, Engineering, Business, etc.Students can choose from numerous disciplines and fields, as the universities offer many activities, internships, exchange programs, etc. German Universities are research oriented with great focus on various types of projects.

Vast Job Opportunities
With a lot of prominent companies headquartered in Germany, there are a lot of placement opportunities available for fresh graduates. The German government also gives students an 18 month extension to find suitable placements.
Internships have to be done in many programs of study and you are generally recommended to take up a few. The larger corporations especially in the big cities provide several opportunities for internships.