> Have you heard of A1, A2, B1, B2, C1…??
> How good are you at writing German?
> How wide is you vocabulary range?

At GWS, you can take a Spoken German & Phonetics course with renowned and expert German tutors.
> get a highly qualified and experienced teacher who will design the course depending on
your specific needs
> do a variety of authentic communicative task in pair and group
> focus on natural German pronunciation
> improve the fluency and accuracy of your spoken German
> increase your vocabulary and have more confidence and control when speaking and listening in German

We follow the syllabi that have been developed under the guidelines and levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for ESOL and German Language.

1 Elementary CEFR Level A1 -A2
2 Pre- intermediate CEFR Level A2 -B1
3 Intermediate CEFR Level B1 -B2
4 Upper-intermediate CEFR Level B2 -C1
5 Advanced CEFR Level C1 – C2

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is a European system used to describe language ability on a scale from Beginners up to those who have mastered the language. It makes it easy for anyone to define and measure language ability. It also enables employers and educational institutions to easily compare qualifications and see how they relate to exams that they already know in their own country.

For you, the learner of German, it is a really valuable tool to help you self-assess your own language ability and to notice your own progress. Among other things, the framework describes grammatical accuracy, vocabulary range, reading, writing and listening skills and the ability to express meaning.

The great thing is that the framework is translated into most European Languages, so you can study it in your own language in order to help you think about where you should be placed in terms of your German language skills.

For details please contact GWS or email us at  queries@gwsedu.com

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